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LitlibŠr Historical Farm House

Litlibær is a restored and historical farm house found on the banksof the Skötufjörður fjord. Built in 1894 the farmhouse and its surrounding lands were lived in and worked continuosly until 1969 when the house was abandoned and left to deteriorate. Salvation for the house camin in 1999 when the National Musuem of Iceland took control of the property and painstaking retored it to its former lory, both the interior and exterior. The house is now open for visitors during the summer (or any time of the year upon request) and allows you to step through the front door and take a step back in time giving the visitor the unique opertunity to experince the culture and way of life not so long abandoned in these remote and wonderful fjords.
Every trip to Litlibær has to involve 2 things:
1. To sit down with a coffee and home-made cake in the house or out in the garden and take time to soak up the history and culture of the house aswell as admiring the stunning mountians and waters all around you.
2.Take a 500m walk to the Hvítanes farm where you will find one of Iceland best seal watching areas. Harbour seals live and breed on the rock skerries just metres from the path, and with the help of binoculars left out by the thoughtful farmer you get the oppertunity to observe these beautiful creatures often missed byb those travelling by land.