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Summerhouse rent from 5 to 10 person in house.  The house are Single storey and it is Aðalgata 16, Túngata 10. 15, and 17.  Farmhouse Hlíð in Álftafjordur and sleepingbag or made up bed in Swanfjord guesthouse Túngata 13.  Hiking trails. 


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Eggert Nielson

Sími  +1 (703) 929-5262


mánudagurinn 5. október 2009

Iceland tour, vacations and accommodations

Iceland Tour Guy is the best resource on the web for arranging your vacation and accommodations in Iceland.  Featuring four houses for rent in the Western Fjords, notably the 300 acre Hlid farm and farmhouse, Iceland Tour Guy is your online vacation planner. 

We're looking forward to helping you plan your visit to one of the world's most breathtaking and unique destinations.

 Whether you simply want to rent a furnished house or would like a personalized guided tour hosted by a native Icelander, you've come to the right place!

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