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fimmtudagurinn 29. nóvember 2012

Accommodation Swanfjord Langeyri, Sudavik

12 man guesthouse in 6 twin/double shared facility rooms on the bottom floor. Price: 13,000isk per room per night.


Sleepingbag accommodation on the upper floor. Price 4,500isk per night. Discount for 3+ nights


Included in all accommodation types is access to a large kitchen for 12 people, dishwasher, sofa, TV, DVD player, free internet access and coffee and tea.


Swanfjord Guesthouses location is ideal for nature enthusiasts with wonderful bird watching locations just a stone’s throw from the front door, it is also a popular location for those who enjoy sea swimming.

Inside the guesthouse you will find a picture collection telling the history of Langeyri (where the house is located) complete with interesting text. 110 year old whale bones are also on display outside the guesthouse, a remnant of the first Norwegian whalers who came to Iceland.


Open: 1st May to 1st Sept.

Phone: +354 8234566


Contact: Vilborg Arnarsdóttir    -    e-mail:     -   Mobile: +354 8234566

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