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Foreign Commerce and Fishery at Langeyri in the Days of Old


In the land of the farm Eyrardalur in Álftafjörður is a big and even delta, that protrudes into the fjord and is called Langeyri.  Within the delta is an excellent anchorage, very deep and sheltered from most directions.

It is said that in old times Germans had quarters at Langeyri, then the Dutch and finally the English.  When Norwegians built a whaling station at Langeyri around 1890 it was still possible to see the remains of several ruins from the days of the foreign men that are said to have traded at Langeyri and had a fishery station there. 

Old stories tell of battles between the Germans and the English for the residence at Langeyri.  The remains of old weapons were once found at Langeyri which was thought to prove that the stories were true. 

It is uncertain how long foreign commerce and fishery took place at Langeyri.  According to old traditions it continued well into the eighteenth century.  The delta was probably in demand by the foreign merchants alongside herring fishing.  At that time herring was fished most summers widely around Ísafjarðardjúp, particularly in Álftafjörður.  The fjord was one of the best fishing sites in the Mið-Djúp for herring and cod. 


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