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Welcome to Súðavíkurhreppur

The small and friendly fishing village of Súðavík, 20 kilometres from


Since 1995, when an avalanche destroyed a big part of the

village, it has been divided into two parts, the old and the new. The

new village was built on a location safe from avalanches, and the old

part is kept intact as a summer resort for travellers.


Súðavík is a great place to visit, especially for families. The family

garden Raggagarður, is a playground in the heart of the old town. It is

created for kids and adults alike, a place where the whole family can

spend time together. Another attraction is The Arctic Fox Centre, an

exhibition and research centre focusing on the only native terrestrial

mammal in Iceland, the Arctic fox.


Iceland Sea angling ehf is the oldest sea angling project of Westfjords.

It offers boats and accommodation services in Súðavík, Tálknafjörður

and Bolungarvík. The town is an excellent place for hiking and

local guide is available for neighbouring routes.


Súðavík has two

restaurants, a café, nice and quiet camping place, grocery shop, gas

station, post office and bank service.


 - A grocery store, Víkurbúðin
  - two heavy machinery companies, 
 - a hairdressing salon, Dekurhúsið ehf
 - a fitness center,  Ungmennaf. Geisli.
 - a lawn mowing business,  Félagar ehf.
 - a community center, /  Homepage:
 - a pet food factory, Murr ehf. /  Homepage:
 - an auto repair shop, Bifreiðaverkstærði Helga Bjarnasonar.
 - a bank  /  Homepage:
 -  two restaurants, Jón Indíafari and Amma Habbý
 - a clinic, a cannery,  Heilsugæslusel Súðavíkur /  Homepage: Heilsugæ
 -  a sea angle tourist company, Iceland Sea Angling hf 
   / Homepage: